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Coastal Carpet Python - Morelia Spilota McDowelli in OAKLEIGH, Victoria for sale

Coastal Carpet Python - Morelia Spilota McDowelli
Details for: Coastal Carpet Python - Morelia Spilota McDowelli
Date posted:24 June 2011
Type: For Sale - Private
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The Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia Spilota McDowelli) are the largest of all the carpet python species. As with most other python species females get bigger than males attaining lengths of 8 to 9 feet. The life span of this snake is unknown, and figures from experts varies greatly, but it is believed that this snake can live in excess of 50 years in captivity Colours and Patterns of the Coastal Python vary greatly, even within one location. Colours include olives, dark greens, light greens, yellowy greens, browns and blacks. Patterns again can be splotches, stripes or rings of colours.
The Coastal Carpet Pythons are strictly carnivorous and are generally fed on mice and rats. Vitamin supplements are not as essential with pythons as with other reptiles as a large amount is obtained from heir food. Fully-grown Coastal Carpet Pythons should only be fed once every seven to ten days and allowed to consume as much as they require. Juveniles should be fed a little more frequently than adults. Allow juveniles to eat as much as they can at each feed.